New Year’s Resolutions

Top New Year resolutions

A fresh start and new beginning.

The new year means different things to different people, but overarchingly, most find the beginning of a new year a way to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new.

For most, New Year’s Resolutions are the topic of the week, as we celebrate the beginning of 2017. As we celebrate with fireworks and merry-making at midnight, the morning of January 1 many begin their personal development goals. Over black-eyed peas for lunch, many share what they want to accomplish in the new year. For others, it is more personal.

Friends and family on Facebook and Twitter responded to the question, “What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017?” Many interesting answers were given showing that most would like to be more thankful and mindful in the new year, of themselves and those around them.

Melissa Hightower said a new job will help her spend more time at home in the coming year.

“I am blessed to be starting a new job on Jan 2,” Hightower said, “so I will be spending more time with my precious family!”

The Bailey family is making plans to launch a major service project in the new year.

“I will put into action our family’s plan of feeding underprivileged elementary school children on Saturdays,” said Reba Bailey. “We wrote up the plan in October and will put it into effect when school starts back in January.”

And on a personal note, Bailey plans to update her makeup and hair.

“I am now 46 and it is time for a change!” said Reba Bailey.

Mississippi Senator Lydia Chassaniol said her resolution is to remember that “no” never means “no.”

“It just means not this way or not today, and to keep on trying,” said Chassaniol.

Several friends had New Year’s Resolutions to become more positive and closer to God. Many also are seeking to bring those elements of their lives out into the world.

Garrick Connor said his New Year’s Resolution was to tune out negativity, especially in social media.

“(I want to) Focus on being a positive person who surrounds himself with other positive people,” Conner said.

Jo Wray said she wants to work on being kinder in the New Year.

Ashley Green said she wants to continue to grow in patience and love.

“(I would like) To have more patience and to see the best in bad situations,” Green said. “I would like to continue to follow God’s word and grow more with him.”

“I am determined to pray at least three times a day,” said Virginia Bean.

Shirley Blakely said she wants to show more gratitude for the life she has been given.

“(I would like) To be on my knees more to our Father for those who are lost and hurting, to spend more quality time with my husband, to be more grateful for this life I have been given and to praise God more even in the mist of the storms of life,” Blakely said. “I would say lose weight but that is one I am sure not to stick to!! Ha!”

“For me, I just hope I can be a better person in the new year and to get healthy,” said Karen Collins.

Becoming a healthier person is a goal many people make that this time of the year, and local residents are no different.

“I want to focus on becoming a better me emotionally, spiritually, and physically while continuing to raise more money for the Leukemia Society and for St Jude so eventually we will have a world with #NoMoreCancer,” said Becky Dees.

“I want to get back serious about walking and eating healthy,” said Danyelle Yeatman. “I also want to be better about my Bible studies.”

Erica Dees said she wants to celebrate the gift of life.

“I plan to get back on track with exercise,” Dees said. “Don’t waste time and celebrate life everyday.”

And then there are those who never make resolutions, and enjoy not following the tradition.

Karen Collins said her “Granna” (Elaine Mosely) never makes New Year’s Resolutions, she just prays for strength and guidance.

“I have never done New Year’s Resolutions, so my resolution this year is not to do any,” said Paula McCaulla.



See this story in the January 5, 2017 edition of The Winona Times.

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