Next to last

This is the next to last preventative chemo treatment and Pepper’s hanging out with me today, because dad is picking up my sweet nephews for the weekend. 

Pepper’s back to singing and dancing. He has been “cleared for active service!”The doctor said everything is healing up just fine, but “just don’t twist your ankle” — as if anyone  does that on purpose!!!

So we are getting better every day! I will have my last chemo on Jan. 10, then we will do a PET Scan or a CT scan (depending on what the insurance allows) before seeing Dr. Hill again on Jan. 18. My tumor markers have been good, so I am expecting good things! I am SO looking forward to a fresh start and a great new year…Pepper is looking forward to Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn as guests on Hee Haw! 

I am lucky to still be sane!

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