#Thanksgiving How to cook a Turkey — by 3rd graders at Kilmichael Elementary School


What is Thanksgiving dinner without the main attraction – the turkey?

I have never cooked the big bird myself. I have bought a fried turkey as a school fundraiser and my dad usually has one in the smoker for our Thanksgiving Dinner celebrations.

Some people like it baked, others like it fried, but even the principal at Kilmichael Elementary School said she didn’t realize there were so many ways to cook a turkey.

A few recipes from a third grade class at Kilmichael Elementary School (spelling is original to the chef):

  • First, I put it in a oven then I wait four hours for the turkey to get done. Then I let it cool off for 7 mintes. Now the turkey is done, but the turkey still hot. Now we cut the turkey up to seven pieces and we do not eat it yet. We got to wait until my family is ready to eat. –Dejuon
  • You kill it you cut the feather off cut the head off get the blood off its body. You put it in oven and it will cook in the oven for four hours, and when it is done you will have to eat it. If you are full, you can save some for later. – Quenton
  • You killa turkey, then cut off the head tail, and feet, and the feathers, too. Then, you wash it off good enough, outside, on the walk. You cook it for 1 hour or 2 hours and 30 minutes. You, then go check on it and cook some beans, and cranberry for dressing. Then you invited people to your house like the family and cousins. Last, clean the dishes and table. You can let the kids play ball outside and you eat dessert after you eat. Then let them come back in when it get dark. And they change there clothes. Last go to sleep. – Edward
  • 20161118115130_00001
  • First, I buy some frosted turkey from the supermarket. Then, I heat it. Then, I put some pepper and vegetable oil on it. The we put it in the oven for over about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I get it out of the oven. Then, My mom and I start to fry it on a pot for 2 in a half minutes for it to be ready. Then, when it was finally finish my mom, my dad, and my grandmother took it out from the hot pot. Then, we see if it’s ready. Then, it wasn’t ready yet so we had to wait another 2 in a half minutes. Finally, it was ready and we got it out and ate. – Tristan
  • First, I hunt for a turkey in the wood when you see one I shoot it. Then, I put on my gloves, and pick it up, and I take it with me back home and I chop it up, and put a hot pepper on it and put it in a over. Last, when its done I put salt on it, and garlic on it. Finally, I out it in the refrigirater wait 5 minutes, and when its done cooling off then put lettuce around and when its done cooking you can enjoy it. – Tyler
  • I season the turkey. Next I will see how the turkey is ready to cook. I will put it in the oven and cook it so it can be eaten. I will have it for thanksgiven. All of my family will eat it up, but I will say dinner will be done in 35 minutes so be a good person and eat some food. – Jeffrey
  • I will defrost the turkey. Then I will get a pan and put hot water. Then I will get the turkey and put into the pan. After that I will let it cook 50 minits. Then I will let in cook somemore. Then I will take it out an done turkey will be cut in pices in turkey and one will be whole. Then my family and I will eat the turkes. – Dale
  • Put it in the oven and put it on like 40 minutes. 1. Take the lid off it and put in the oven and let it cook and look at it and if it is not done put it back in the oven. 2. You put it on 40 minutes, it is not going to work, you put it on 50 minutes. And 50 minutes do not work put it on what ever you want to put it on. 3. let it cook until it is done. 4. cut off the arm. And the wings off it and you will be finished with the turkey. – Tralasha
  • You have to buy a turkey first. Wash and season the turkey real good. Wait for a little while then put it in the oven. Wait until about 20 to 25 minutes. I will invite my family. – Travis
  • First, it has to thaw out. Next it has to be boild a little bit. Bake fur at least 2 hours. Then, let it cool off for adout 20 to 25 muinutes, I would put spises on it, and lettuce and tomato. I would cut the turkey and oil it, I let it sit there 5 to 10 minutes. Last, I would put hot sause to mak it hot. – Trey
  • First you put seasoning on the turkey. Then, you place it in the oven. Bake it at 350 F. Put more seasoning on it and put it back in the oven. Look at it to check if it is done. Then wait for 6 or d minutes and check to see if it is tender and done. If it is still warm, you wait some more minutes. – Evan
  • 20161118115158_00001
  • First I, will shoot the turkey and then I will freeze it till thankgiving. Then, on thanksgiving I will put my turkey in the oven for 314 minuse. Then I will put some dressing out and then I will check on my turkey. Then I will cut the turkey and then invite all of my family over. – Makayla
  • If I was cooking, I wash the turkey of than I will put the seasoning on it and I will put it in a oven and be check it everytime I smell it, but while that is cook I will be cooking something to go with it and me a cake it will be so good you want a two bowls. The cake will be two and the turkey and the cornbead greens. I will love it so much. I will put some up for the next day. – Kiara
  • First clean it. Then I put stuffing in it. Next, cook it about 5 hours Then check for a minutes. Next taste it to see if it is ready. Then look at the skin. If it is brown, it is done. –Zykierra

I want to thank the third graders from Kilmichael Elementary school for all these great tips! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


See this story in the November 24, 2016 edition of The Winona Times.


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