#TuesdayTips: How to be a fashion designer by Jo Wray

14786948_10210842562242360_1801839734_oWho wants to be a Fashion Designer?14800194_10210842552162108_1875762303_o

Jo Wray of Wild Flower Heart Clothing Designs said to be or not to be a fashion designer is a tough choice.

“Fashion designers lead a busy, secretive life, so getting them to talk to you about becoming one yourself and investing a small fortune on an unknown future is difficult,” Wray said. “This career is not simple because fashion designers work very hard for their fame and money. To be successful, you must plan from the beginning. Planning is makes the battle half won.”

Wray said first, you must “pay your dues.” She said fashion designers frequently work 18 hour days, on weekends, and holidays.

“But the job is rewarding for a creative personality,” Wray said. “In a creative industry, anything can happen. If you want to be a fashion designer, be prepared.”

A few tips for future fashion designers from Jo Wray:

1) Create a design identity with your portfolio.

2) Understand that different customers and different countries and different climates have identifying styles. Fashion is more business than art, and all people do not wear haute couture. So creating clothing for everyday people is more profitable. The psychology of fashion has endless variables that change every day.

3) Find a good fashion school or become an apprentice of another successful designer. Work on your portfolio as you work and study.

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