Wildflower Heart: Fashions by Jo Wray


14800194_10210842552162108_1875762303_oIt’s not just clothing – it is wearable art.

For the past five years, Jo Wray has been creating eco-fashion and jewelry through her clothing line, Wild Flower Heart.

Wray’s grandmother taught her to sew when she was about 8 years old. She was a smaller kid who had to alter all of her clothes. When Wray was in high school, she made all of her clothes.

So when she was ready to retire from teaching, she looked online at other designers who made sustainable women’s clothing.

14786948_10210842562242360_1801839734_o“I knew I could do it too,” Wray said. “I love to be busy, so I have lots of interests. I always loved wearing beautiful clothes, so making my own and those for other women was a natural.”

14796094_10210868822698855_1534332561_o1Although Wray did learn the rules of sewing, she doesn’t follow them. Wild Flower Heart is a sustainable clothing line that uses vintage items and materials to make runway ready fashion. What makes Wild Flower Heart eco-fashion different from conventional clothes is not the style, but the fabrics and vintage material used and the way it is manufactured. Wild Flower Heart is handmade, one-of-kind, art-to-wear. She uses texturizing, fringing, ruffles, pleats, painting, distressing, hand dip-dying, and other artistic techniques. Wray also created her own patterns.

Rosa Lynn Alford is a big fan of Wild Flower Heart Clothing line.

14796231_10210842601123332_1242646474_o“I love the uniqueness to the clothes,” Alford said. “Jo is very talented in designing her own touch to them.”

Paula Alford said she loves that Wray can take a discarded item (out of style or just not worn any longer) from the closet and “remake it into a very unique garment– one of a kind!”

14799819_10210842579402789_288899163_o“Recycling at its best and for one personality only– each garment having its own personality in other words,” Alford said. “The style is uniquely Jo Wray! Unlike purchasing something from a department store line. With Jo’s fashions, you will not see someone else wearing the same jacket or dress you have on! That’s pretty neat!! She is very talented!”

14800319_10210868552852109_744606602_oWray uses eco textiles such as organic cotton or bamboo or vintage items. Wray says those fabrics are kinder to the environment as they are grown without pesticides and insecticides. Reused vintage materials help save the earth and water by keeping these vintage items out of the waste sites.

14812904_10210842565842450_1590529631_oAccording to Wray, organic cotton is often known as the natural fiber and a fabric she uses quite often. She also uses upcycled materials such as wood, plastics or leftover fabrics to transform what would be “waste” into clothes.

“By using upcycled fabrics, Wild Flower Heart has a lesser impact on the environment,” Wray said.

14808946_10210868826138941_829304641_oThe Wild Flower Heart clothing and accessories line is designed for women who want “the freedom to discover more about themselves every day.”

“Each piece has its own story to tell. When wrapped in sophisticated, comfortable clothes, women experience life in positive ways,” Wray said. “The total Wild Flower Heart look appeals to women of all ages all-over the world who share a love for life, with an attention to detail.  The Wild Flower Heart woman is cheerful, loves learning, and listens to her heart. She has a sense of well-being and respects other people and the earth.”

14813040_10210868551972087_17037403_oHer top-selling item is the sweater coat, and she is considering adding a line of sustainable wedding dresses in the future.

Her fashion line is available  online www.wildflowerheartdesigns.com and at craft shows such as The Made in USA Show, the Made in Mississippi Show, Grit and Glow Bazaar, Eupora Christmas Market, Canton Flea Market, and The Vardaman Sweet Potato Festival.

14812844_10210868803898385_307985876_oWray also has a few items in local stores, and she is moving the wood building that was Dixie Wray’s Paint Studio in Kilmichael.

Please feel free to contact Wray by phone at (662) 417-2651 or email her at wildflowerheart17@yahoo.com. You can also find her on Twitter @jostewartwray, on Instagram as jostewartwray, or on facebook as jostewartwray.



See this story in the November 3, 2016 edition of The Winona Times.





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