In 1902, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gillespie of Seven Gables, gave their daughter, Reisie, who had recently married Orman K. Gee, a plot of land on which to build a home –directly next door. The home was built in 1902 and the Gee family lived at this home through the 1920s. A Victorian Cottage-style home, Wayside was completely restored in recent years, and it features original heart pine floors, door casings and mantelpieces. In 2015, Wayside underwent construction once again, as the homeowners added a master bathroom and free-standing carriage house. In addition, several elements original to the home, like the screened side porch, were returned to the home. Wayside is the home of Keith and Amanda Sexton Ferguson, and one little energetic three-year-old, Dean, who brings the place to life!


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