Spellman’s ‘heart is in her art’


Cheryl Bailey said you can see “her heart in her art.”

“Hollie’s’ work is so good and shows great thought in the details,” Bailey said. “We love telling to our customers about our outstanding local talent and Hollie sure fits that profile.”

Bailey said she contacted Spellman about her artwork because “a customer was bragging about how good it was.”

Local artist Hollie Spellman has always loved to paint and is self-taught, but four years ago, a friend asked if she would paint several pieces for nursery at her church, Carrollton Baptist. It was one of the first times she painted Bible verses on a piece of artwork.

As a result, I received such a blessing from that experience,” Spellman said. “That experience inspired me to do what I do.”

img_1504Spellman said there are two things that inspire her as she is preparing to paint a piece:  one is the request from the buyer and the other is the bible verse for the painting.

First, I talk to the buyer and we discuss what they would like for me to paint,” Spellman said. “We then discuss a bible verse that is special to them or one that will go along with the art piece. My faith is the force behind my paintings. God has blessed me with this talent and because of Him I am able to share His word with others through my paintings.”

Each piece is a textured piece with a three-dimensional feature. They are all unique because each piece is handmade and painted. A canvas painting takes a couple of weeks to paint. She also paints on old rustic blocks of wood.  A wood block painting will take a week or maybe two weeks to complete. The time depends on what the buyer’s request is.

Spellman is working on a new piece for Christmas. Her nativity scene on a wooden block is the most requested piece for a Christmas gift.

“The buyer usually has a favorite bible verse or title of a hymn they like for me to paint on the nativity scene,” Spellman said. “That makes each piece unique and special.”

Although she loves having pieces in stores, Spellman said there is something extra special about being able create a piece of art that has a personal meaning to the buyer.  Most of her pieces are sold by requests from the buyer.

Spellman is a fourth and fifth grade reading teacher at Carroll Academy. She was married to the late Michael Spellman. Her oldest son, Brennan, is a senior at Mississippi State University. She and her two younger sons live in Carrollton. Talbert is 8 years old and in the second grade at Carroll Academy, and Lawson is 7 years old and is in first grade at Carroll Academy.

To request a piece, contact Spellman through her Facebook page or see her work at Special Treasures in Winona.


This article was featured in the October 26, 2016 edition of The Winona Times and The Conservative at http://winonatimes.com/winona-slideshow-carrollton-slideshow-news/heavenly-inspiration#sthash.EQnZsVyL.dpbs

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