‘Chalk Talks’ with Jane Nail


It all began in elementary school, when Jane Nail discovered she had a talent for art in the fourth grade, with a special eye for still-life drawings.

Her art teacher in the Greenville Public School District introduced her to drawing with chalks, pastels and colored pencils.

“(My teacher) made it possible for me to go to summer art school,” Nail said. “I was very shy. As most artists, we (tend to) have tender hearts and never feel what we draw is good enough.”

14516511_1137997899616421_3178546841837217960_nNail remembers drawing a human heart from a 4″x 4″ picture into a poster 2’x 3′ for her 6th grade class. She loved art classes and continued studying through junior high and high school.

But she truly found her niche in her teens when her sister, Judy Deason Tipton, began doing “chalk talks” at local churches. Jane would always assist Judy as she would draw and tell stories from the Bible. She helped her sister, and when she was in her 20’s, she was confident enough to do her own “chalk talks” at churches in Grenada and Leland.

The “Chalk Talk” is a program where the artist illustrates Bible messages or songs – many artists sing and/or preach while they draw.  Nail uses black light to illuminate her messages through art. She said she speaks sometimes, or plays music and speaks after she  finishes a drawing. Nail does read the Bible scripture that goes with the drawing before she begins to draw.

“It’s really what moves me at the time,” Nail said. “With my Chalk Art, I have always let the Holy Spirit guide me in my drawings and the scripture that inspires me or moves me in a drawing.”14494858_1137997906283087_221094154974346779_n

She had a good start, but for a while, Nail put down her chalk.

“Some problems in life took me in a different direction,” Nail said. “I still drew, painted in oils and gave them away.”

Nail did drawings and paintings for family and friends, for Vacation Bible Schools and fund-raisers, but she had gotten away from her “Chalk Talks.” She knew God was leading her back into that type of ministry, but she was resistant.

“All of the time, the Lord was nipping at my heels to do my Christian chalk drawing,” Nail said. “Every time I heard Christian music, or Christian singers, my heart would be filled and long to draw. I know it was God calling me to do my ‘Chalk Talks.’”

In 2013-2014, Nail made a new commitment to draw as God leads and according to Nail, God has always supplied her needs. It was at that time, she created Christian Chalk Art Ministries by Jane C. Nail of Kilmichael.

“Well, God wasn’t kidding in wanting me to get busy,” Nail said. “Within a month God showed me the way and I had all the stuff I needed.”14441100_1137998062949738_82837348537217717_n

Nail was able to take a few online classes in black light chalk and preparing paper. The classes also helped her get up-to-date on new ideas and techniques for chalk drawing.

“So now, by word of mouth, I go and draw God’s word in chalk as I see it or as He has me to see it,” Nail said. “I call it my version of God’s word and Jesus parables in the Bible. God guides me, and supplies my needs! God is Good!”

Myra Hill, the pastor’s wife at Poplar Creek Nations Baptist Church in Poplar Creek attended a “Chalk Talk” demonstration at the church last Spring.

“It was really good” Hill said. “She plays music while she works then tells a story with the picture she has drawn. She is a really sweet lady.”

Nail does drawings by appointment, and asks for at least a month in advance to prepare. Her programs are special and unique to the group or program to whom she is presenting.

All drawings are done for a love offering to help with art supplies and travel expenses. For more information, contact Nail at (662) 858-0481, or text (662) 230-4245, email her at christianchalkart@gmail.com, or message her on Facebook at Christian Chalk Art Ministries.

14449925_1137997996283078_4950858673102356335_n  14492612_1137998066283071_2657769514608906857_n

This story is featured in the October 20, 2016 edition of The Winona Times at http://winonatimes.com/winona-slideshow-carrollton-slideshow-news-lifestyles/inspired-faith

2 thoughts on “‘Chalk Talks’ with Jane Nail

  1. Who knew when I attended a fundraiser for a lady I didn’t know, but had seen her name, and heard her name from my pastor and his wife, Bro. Ben and Myra Hill. My husband and I went, bought a t-shirt and ate. The t-shirt has become a very favorite of mine. Then months later I get a message from Gwen Sisson and she ask could she do an article on me and my Chalk Drawings for The Winona Times. (I’m saying to myself- WHAT?) But who knew it was God helping me travel down the road he had planned for me when I was born, when I went to that fundraiser. I’m sure part of the road I have traveled wasn’t in God’s plans, but He picked me up, sent me angels on earth to help me walk my road til I got to where I could stand on my feet. I feel so unworthy for Him to love me, forgives me the way he does, and how He blesses me everyday. It is always an adventure each morning to see what God has for me in that day. He never fails to answer my prayers with peace, happiness, needs, and forgiveness. God is God
    Jane C Nail
    Christian Chalk Art Ministry

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