My “weekend vacation ” is over and since my singing and dancing fella is not moving so fast these days (just 2 1/2 more weeks with the boot on his foot) I am hanging out with mom and dad in Stewart. Sandra is feeding Pepper and making sure he is okay, and I am resting at mom and dad’s for about two weeks before I get back to my “regularly scheduled programming!” I have to do stomach shots twice a day for six months, then I will go to another type of blood thinner. I am learning to stick myself– if you know how squemish I am about such things, you will know what a big deal that is!!!! But hanging out in Stewart is like an extended vacation…but I’m not getting my daily fix of Hee Haw singing live and in person. With him having a broken foot and me with the blood clot, we both have limited mobility. (We are quite the pair these days!!! It is going to be hilarious at this time next year, just very irritating now! But you just have to laugh!!!) Hee Haw songs over the phone is not quite the same, but it is just for a little while! In the meantime, I think we are both going to enjoy being spoiled a little bit! 

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