Between things

isRight now I am between things, but #incrediblyblessed!!! I had the last of the first section of chemo at the end of June. I knew it would be a tough one. I was tired and achy. My bones hurt. My fingernails hurt and the bottom of my feet felt like I had stone bruises. It took longer than usual for all of that to lessen (it doesn’t always go away). I’m going slow, but “I WANNA GO FAST!” I am SO ready!

I go for a PET scan in Tupelo July 25 and get the results when I see Dr. Hill again on July 26. Apparently the medicine needs to work in my body for 4-6 weeks for the optimum effect. Everything is riding on what the PET scan says. I know I will be taking six more months of one of my chemo medicines. Hopefully it will be a half-day once a month, as opposed to a full day plus two days with the 5FU bag every two weeks — much easier, I’m thinking!

Still “gimping around” with the blood clot, but at least I am past the point of it breaking off and causing further damage. It just swells and hurts when I am “over doing it!” I like “over doing it” apparently, but these days, too much of what I call my “Gwen-isms” leads to pain. It is  a tough lesson to learn.

I was so sure I would feel fine in July and sorta kinda return to “real life,” but after two weeks of trying to “be normal” I am realizing that now is not quite the time. I think I have figured out that I can work a little and lay down a little. I have always had a hard time adjusting to a slower pace.  In the words of Ricky Bobby, “I WANNA GO FAST!”

In the meantime, I am learning to drive the scooters at Walmart, which is interesting! Watch your carts! I may be around the next corner! I go full speed at Walmart! The little bit of time that I “get to go fast!!!”

And then it is Hee Haw songs at the top of his lungs between naps at my house!!!! Lord help us all!





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