More hopeful


Dr. Hill seemed pretty hopeful that the PET scan will confirm his diagnosis of remission  (I LOVE that word!)
It was a packed house today at Hemotology and Oncology, so I didn’t leave with a PET Scan appointment, but they will have something scheduled for the end-ish of July. Dr. Hill would like the chemo to continue to work in my system for at least four weeks before we have the PET scan. I will not get the results of the scan until I see him again on July 26, so I asked for the scan to happen as close as possible to the appointment date so I will not be left hanging for the results. Dr. Hill does want me to do the six more months of one of the chemo meds I am taking now … Alasta, I think it is called…for preventative measures, and I am happy to do that!!! I would be happy to do the liver surgery if it would be preventative, but if the PET Scan shows what we think, I will not have to have liver surgery!!!!! Yay!!! Praise God!!!!
He did say to take it easy on the leg with the blood clots. I will be on blood thinner until the end of August and he said it would be a good idea to think about vein surgery to remove the vein damaged from the DVT five years ago, and the damage at the ankle from the football injury 10 years ago (long story, but that’s the reason I don’t take football photos any more!!!!)
Pepper is excited! Silly thing has been singing all afternoon. But the sweet man is tired! He has been saying he didn’t give up his chores when he took up mine! He thinks I am going to be up to full speed very soon and the Sisson household will be back to a regular routine. Little does he know that when I am up and at it again, we are about to start cooking lessons. Pepper can’t cook, and doesn’t want to learn! But after a month of bed rest and him “cooking” at fast food and take out from local restaurants, I have realized that I make better pancakes than most restaurants. There are limited breakfast choices, and I was tired of them by the first week. Pepper is about to learn to at least fix bacon and eggs and toast!!! And then I will be singing to him!!!
My cousin Greg asked if this marked the end of Hee Haw. The answer is that Hee Haw never ends…it has just been cranked up to extreme mode for the past year! Buck Owens with his shiny cowboy-ish shirts and pants pulled up way too high, and the music with the Buck-a-roos in Country Corners–it is just too much! And I know (from living with Pepper all these years) that “Me and Bobby McGee” was written by someone else, but in all honesty, no one can sing it like Janis Joplin, and in my opinion, no one else should try. But Buck Owens tried. It was on a few weeks ago. It was painful to watch! I just can’t stand even the thought of it!!! Now Pepper will ask if I want him to sing “Bobby McGee” like Buck Owens! UGH!!! Driving me up the wall with that one! And what I assume is a Buck Owens original, “Lord Help Me Pay The Child Support” is sung at my house almost on a daily basis! I need to get better FAST so that all this “keeping my spirits up” can be nipped in the bud!
God is so good! I have been #incrediblyblessed, but could do with a little less Hee Haw singing at my house, for sure! I don’t think I will miss it, but I can’t help thinking the one who is working so hard to keep “my spirits up” is also an #incredibleblessing! Even if he does love Hee Haw!!! Lord help us all!

2 thoughts on “More hopeful

  1. This is wonderful news! Will keep you in my thoughts. Find Pepper a couple of easy recipes of something he likes, and tell him he will prob find it fun once he lets the fear go. Translation _ if it turns out yucky, find another one! Bless y’all.

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