Kicking the Hee Haw songs up a notch

I still have to finish out this course of treatment, but my tumor markers are in normal range. Dr. Hill said I could consider myself in remission at this point! YAY! We will still monitor the situation to see if things start to elevate again, but treatments go through the end of June. Going forward, a lot depends on the PET scan in July. May not have to go further with surgery or the last 6-months…but trying not to get our hopes up about that! Just praising God for good news today! We are going to do a scan on the gimpy leg on Monday after chemo. (It’s number 9 or 10…I am starting to lose count!!) Who would have thought that Pepper’s singing and dancing would actually work!!! (Or so HE says!) Pray for a good Hee Haw night this weekend — I’m  afraid he will be kicking it up a notch! He is such an 😇!!

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