Gaining weight and growing hair — go figure?


For the most part, my side effects of chemo have been more irritating than debilitating, and I hope it stays that way!!!!!! I laugh and tell people I’m gaining weight and growing hair. I think I have gained 3-5 pounds every time I walk into the Cancer Center in Starkville. The nurses all say, “that’s wonderful! That means you haven’t lost your appetite!” Well, okay, I guess that’s all good, but pretty soon, I’m going to have to do something about it! It is starting to get out of hand!

And I am growing hair, not losing. One of the many things I am learning, is that more than half of what you worry about NEVER happens!  While I was looking forward to losing a few pounds, I expected to  lose hair. But so far, so good. I’m growing hair, not really losing! YAY!

I also bought a juicer that I can’t use, because one of my medicines makes me hyper-sensitive to cold (and Sonic is advertising milkshakes — and they are all I can think about some days!!!). I can’t drink anything cold, so everything has to be lukewarm. And I can’t touch anything cold — so if you see me in the grocery store with winter gloves on, you will know I am not just a weird-o, there’s a real problem behind the craziness! Toes are cold too, but if I dodge and weave around the frozen and refrigerated foods sections, it’s not so bad. I will probably be wearing thick socks all summer, but that’s okay.

I’m tired and have achy bones, but that could also be that I’m 44. Hard to tell.

I didn’t know to worry about those things. And the things that I expected and worried about, haven’t happened! I have spent a good deal of my life worrying about this and that, and in hindsight, most of that worry was a total waste of time. You can’t enjoy the good stuff if you are too busy worrying about the bad. I am determined to enjoy every day!

But despite all of these little things, every doctor I discuss symptoms with, reminds me how incredibly blessed I am! They will either say my side effects are typical or on the light side. Just about every one of them have said that I have had it “really good” compared to so many others they see each week. I know God is blessing me every step of the way! There’s no doubt about that!

And Pepper has been WONDERFUL! He’s working in the house, running errands, doing all that cold grocery shopping that I can’t stand to do and doing a little bit of cooking. You can’t believe how cold eggs are and Pepper has egg cracking skills I have never known about. He can crack eggs one-handed! Who knew? He is still singing and dancing and trying to keep me entertained. And then, the Country Love Songs of the 1970s. What can I say? Conway will live forever at our house, I guess. Maybe I should stop fighting and complaining about Conway, and try a little reverse psychology. If I pretend to love it, maybe it will stop! We will see how it goes!!!!


3 thoughts on “Gaining weight and growing hair — go figure?

  1. Gwen, the way you are embracing this journey is beautiful. You are empowering others to walk in faith, unafraid. My prayers are with you that your body heals quickly and that your toes and fingers warm up soon 🙂 You’re a great writer and I look forward to your posts.

    Christian Kirk

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