A symbol of faith finds a new home


Former pastor Franklin Lowe (left) and Roger Miller showcasing the cross from Wood College at its new location at Mathiston UMC. Volunteers said the cross has been repainted and benches added. They hope to add flowers to the area soon. (Photo submitted)

It has been a landmark in Webster County for many years, and now, the cross from Wood College has a new home at Mathiston United Methodist Church.

Church members say the move was a perfect fit, marking the landmark’s continued representation for the work God in Webster County.

According to members of Mathiston UMC, the cross and flame were a gift for Wood from the class of 1942 and 1992, marking 50 years of service to students and God.  Because Mathiston Methodist became church home to so many students, the church requested its placement on church grounds after Wood College was sold to the Golden Triangle Regional Planning and Development District.

“Wood College has been a United Methodist Institution in Webster County for years,” said Rudy Johnson, director for the Golden Triangle Regional Planning and Development District. “It was only fitting that the cross and flame go to Mathiston UMC for the Mathiston community, where it all started.”

2015-05-01 23.01.35

Volunteers help remove the cross from the Wood College location, including Sam Wilkes, Brian Perkins, Ross Harrison of Harrison Plumbing and Construction, and Austin Perkins. (Photo submitted)

Johnson said he was happy the landmark would “have a good home.”

“We don’t know what will happen in the future at Wood College,” Johnson said. “But now we know the cross and flame will have a good home forever, in the community that meant so much to the students and instructors of Wood College.”

2015-05-01 23.22.36

Volunteers have made their way to Mathiston United Methodist Church and are digging the hole and putting concrete in for the cross. (Photo submitted)

Rev. Jeep Pepper, pastor at Mathiston United Methodist Church, said he thinks the Wood College cross is a great addition to the church campus.
”This looks like a beautiful setting for an Easter sunrise service,” Pepper said.
Ross Harrison, owner of Harrison Plumbing and Construction who helped move the cross from the Wood College campus to Mathiston UMC, said he has lived in the Mathiston community his entire live and the cross at Wood College has been a symbol of faith for the community for as long as he can remember.

“I felt honored to be able to help with the relocation and was glad that the cross was still going to be part of this community,” Harrison said.

Harrison took his time and planned out the relocation so the cross would not get damaged in any way. He said he thought the cross weighed between 600-700 pounds and was worried about how things were going to go.

“The Lord definitely had his hand in the move that day because everything went very smooth, better than I ever expected,” Harrison said.

2015-05-01 23.54.55

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