Released from the hospital…PRAISE THE LORD!

I`m in Stewart . .. praise the Lord!!!! It took all day, but finally got released!!! The Oncologist was very encouraging today…we have an appointment on Dec 1…. I`m going to hang out at Betty`s and heal up for a little while, then we will start talking more about next steps. Dr. Hill said there is a website that tells you the cancer treatment plans for over 10 of the nation’s top cancer centers, including MD Anderson, and we will follow the protocol for stage 4 colorectal cancer based on all these cancer centers recommendations. In the meantime, we can research it for ourselves. So for now, I am going to hang out and listen to Hee Haw songs for a little while.

But here`s my new rule: no laughing & no crying…it hurts too much right now!

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