Since fatal is not a good option…

Well….surgery will be Wednesday morning at North MS Medical Center in Tupelo with Dr. Raymond Orgler. There is lymph node involvement and the affected area will have to be removed, which means a colostomy bag — not the news I was expecting, but I am so grateful. While radiation and chemo have been successful in shrinking the tumor a bit, this type of cancer has a high likelihood of returning, and when it returns, it is aggressive, and typically fatal. Pepper says it is a bag that’s going to save my life, so I need to wrap my head around the idea. Since fatal is not an option we are going for, we are going to make the best of it! God is so good! I am so grateful that this procedure can be done. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people who are helping me get better. Even Pepper, who has been singing a Conway Twitty song every time a Jim Hood campaign commercial comes on (I think Jim Hood has a Conway look about him) to “cheer” me up. He knows I am not a Conway fan, yet persists on entertaining me. Thank the Lord the elections are over (and no more campaign commercials) and surgery will finally be done and over on Wednesday. I will be hanging out at the hospital for 3-5 days, then headed to Stewart to Betty and JB’s to recuperate for a week or two. NOVEMBER is going to be a great month! In a few days, I will be cancer-free! (There is a possibility for more chemo and radiation after surgery, but Pepper will dance and sing Hee Haw songs until then!!!!) PLEASE PRAY!

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