Week One down…

What a GREAT weekend it has been to put the “chemo purse” down for a few days and take showers without taping down the port/chemo area with saran wrap!!! It does make you appreciate the little things — that’s for sure! I am going to invent something to make that process easier because that is a two-person job at my house that usually ends up with waded up tape and saran wrap mishaps! I’m also going to invent something to make carrying the “chemo purse” a little easier. It gets pretty heavy by Thursday night! There has got to be a better way!!!! WEEK ONE down and four more treatment weeks to go! (Then 6 weeks off, then surgery @ St. Dominic’s in mid-Nov. if all goes according to plan!) Because honestly, how many more country love songs are there on Hee Haw??? And pretend email from the WCBI news team (using the nicknames we give them around the house) telling me to “watch it”? Silliness!

But while the bag may be heavy…I am sure glad I can take it with me instead of having to sit and do chemo for hours on end! I am very GRATEFUL for modern medicine and that God is using this chemo medicine, radiation therapy and Pepper’s silliness to help me heal and get through this “speed bump!”

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