Pepper is ‘keeping my spirits up’ — Lord help us all!

The port procedure went well on Wednesday. Dr. Raymond Orgler did a fantastic job in Tupelo and I will go back to see him on Sept. 3. Chemo will be continuous flow, so from my understanding, they will hook the chemo up to this port and I will have a little box to carry around for a few weeks. Chemo and radiation begins Monday. I will go to Starkville every morning at 8:30 a.m. M-F for 10-15 minutes worth of radiation at the Cancer Center. Monday (Aug. 23) will be a longer day as we get everything set up, but we should be starting the routine by Tuesday or Wednesday. So ready to get started (and get it over with!!!) We have been incredibly blessed by everyone’s well wishes and encouragement! Thank y’all so much! I am so very glad that God has given me so many amazing people in my life to make this “unpleasantness” a little more bearable — especially Pepper Sisson! Dr. Stephan Amenn (the GI doctor) told Pepper it was his job to “keep my spirits up” and he has certainly tried to sing every tune from Hee Haw he can think up or make up! I am not sure how his warbling is supposed to accomplish this but he keeps trying!!! He is quite entertaining! Lord, help us all!!!! PLEASE keep me in your prayers…for all the reasons listed above…particularly the warbling!!!

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