Getting started on this cancer journey…

So… Pepper and I spoke with the oncologist Tuesday afternoon — it is stage 1 or 2 colorectal cancer (not the broken tailbone theory I have been operating under all summer!!!) I will have a port placed near the collarbone area in the next week and a half and visit with the radiation doctor. Chemo will be on a continuous pump and I will do radiation for 10-15 minutes every morning Monday through Friday for 5-6 weeks in Starkville. We will take a 6 week break and have surgery at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson in early to mid-November. The goal for chemo/radiation is to shrink the tumor to be able to remove it with minimum damage to the rest of the area. I’m thinking I’ve gotten good news here! If you have gotta go through something like this, it doesn’t sound too bad to me (or it is the new pain medicine talking!!) So…it’s time to put down the ice cream and get a little more strict about The Daniel Plan (I’ve been mostly Daniel with ice cream and doughnuts for medicinal purposes)! I appreciate all of your prayers! Everyone has been so wonderful to me so far and I know this is do-able with God’s help!

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