Top five posts for June 2015

The month of June has been a wild one, but some of readers favorite posts have included:

41. Leaving a musical legacy at FBC Eupora with 138 views… read this story at

2015-06-02 17.32.542. Sweet Ms. Pearl Cooper celebrated her 100th birthday at the beginning of June! Her story had 135 views in June. To read this story, go to

23. Long Time Coming is having world’s of success this summer, and was named second place winners of the National Beta Club Talent Competition. The story, Long Time Coming perform gospel favorites continues to be a favorite post with 104 views in June. Read their story  at

IMG_06574. The photo gallery from Brad and Danya’s wedding was another top post with 78 views in June. See their photos at

Wanda Thomas, Stone Station Owner5. And my WOMEN IN BUSINESS series was popular at the end of the month, with Dream Becomes Rock Solid Business for Wanda Thomas coming in with 77 views. Read this story at


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