Pogue wants her customers to look ‘amazing’

2015-06-11 12.17.23

Mia Pogue of Amazing Grace in downtown Eupora said what she loves most about her job has nothing to do with clothes and accessories.

“I love the interaction with all of my customers and especially conversating and meeting new people daily,” Pogue said. “I have always wanted my own store, filled with the latest fashion and help others feel amazing!”2015-06-11 12.17.47

Pogue said she knew that the fashion industry was her calling at a young age.

“You can ask anyone that knew me then or knows me now, and they would tell you I had my own style,” Pogue said. “I could get a little carried away but it was me. I have always thought fashion is an art and a way of expressing character.”

Pogue said her biggest accomplishment while in business has been trying to manage “making it” in a small town as Eupora.2015-06-11 12.18.19

“I’m sure all the business owners can admit it can be difficult at times, but some way some how we pull through,” Pogue said. “I will have some amazing months and then, BAM, a slow month will hit. I truly believe in relying on God for your every need and He will provide for His children. I’m so thankful for my customers supporting and keeping me in business for the past four years!”

Pogue said before opening Amazing Grace in 2011, she never felt complete.2015-06-11 12.21.02

“I would pray that the Lord would place me where I could feel happiness with the path I chose career wise,” Pogue said. “After the idea was tossed around and the process began, I knew this was an answered prayer!! I thank Him daily. I chose the name Amazing Grace to first publicly let others know I’m a follower in Christ and that my business would be as well. Also, my daughter is named Gracie but we call her Grace so the name fit perfectly!”

“I have known Mia since she was a little girl and watched her grow up here,” said Eupora Mayor Dan Burchfield. “She is amazing, just like her store, Amazing Grace. She is a leader here in social media marketing and has been an organizing force for the downtown area.

Outside of work, Pogue enjoys being outdoors, working out, and, most of all, spending quality time with her family — husband, David, and children Gracie, 7, and Eian, 3. They are members of Tomnolen Baptist Church.

Find Amazing Grace Apparel and Accessories on Facebook and Instagram. The store is located in downtown Eupora. Contact Pogue at (662) 258-6555.

2015-06-11 12.21.17

See this story in the June 24, 2015 edition of The Webster Progress Times at http://websterprogresstimes.com/2015/06/24/pouge-wants-her-customers-to-look-amazing/

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