Blaylock to serve as a summer missionary to Italy

brad blaylockAccording to studies, there are 1.8 million students in Italy and less than 100 people trying to reach them for Christ.

This summer, Brad Blaylock of Eupora will be one of a team of Campus Crusades for Christ volunteers who will travel to Rome, Italy for a five-week summer missions trip that will involve food, sports and various services projects.

“While we are on summer break college students in Rome are in full swing,” Blaylock said, “so our goal is to make relationships with college students with the intention of leading them to Christ! We will be partnering with Cru on campus in Rome to help us get plugged into the community.”

Blaylock, who is finishing his sophomore year at The University of Mississippi, said he hopes to share his passion for Christ, as well as connect new believers with a place to worship God.

“I came to Ole Miss without really knowing anybody,” Blaylock said. “I believe it’s extremely important for Christians to find a place to worship and hang out with other believers. Cru has provided me with exactly that. It’s a perfect place for me to grow in my faith while at the same time develop meaningful relationships.”

Blaylock will be joined by Campus Crusades for Christ college volunteers from various campuses throughout the United States on the trip this summer.

“This trip is important to me because my heart breaks for the lost people of the world,” Blaylock said. “I just love Jesus and this seems to be where he’s leading me this summer and I’m going to follow Him. Pray for the hearts of the Italians. Pray that God will soften their hearts so they can see Christ! Pray for me and my team. Pray that we will be given boldness and strength.”

The summer mission trip is set for May 13-June 13. Blaylock is the son of Stan and Lyn Blaylock of Eupora and he is a member of First Baptist Church of Eupora.

Joel Hurdle, director of Campus Crusades for Christ at The University of Mississippi said the Rome summer mission trip provides a fun environment for college students to share their love for Christ.

“Brad is so cool and he is a great asset to our ministry,” Hurdle said. “The Rome trip is such a blessing and it is a lot of fun for everyone.”

Weekly outreach events gives the summer missionaries an opportunity to invite Italian students to a fun sporting event or for food, such as American Breakfast night.

“Campus Crusades for Christ is really an evangelistic arm of the church,” Hurdle said. “As part of the annual summer trips, we want summer missionaries to initiate conversations to share the gospel and plug students in to an evangelistic local church. We want Italian students to get connected long-term.”

Rev. Travis Gray, pastor of First Baptist Church of Eupora, said he is excited to see Blaylock’s heart for giving.

“It is always exciting to see a young person serve in any way, but it is especially exciting to see them give in such a sacrificial way,” Gray said. “When a college student gives a major part of their summer, it challenges me personally to have more of a servant’s heart. Pray for Brad as he shares Jesus with people who need to hear the gospel.”

The cost of the trip is $6,000, and it is Campus Crusades for Christ policy to rely on donations to do missions, so Blaylock is relying on Christian friends and family throughout the community to help raise money the trip. The fundraising deadline for the summer mission trip to Italy is May 1.
To make a donation for Blaylock’s summer mission trip, contact First Baptist Church of Eupora at (662) 258-3491.


See this story in the April 15, 2015 edition of The Webster Progress Times at

See a portion of this story in the April 16, 2015 edition of the FBC Eupora newsletter at BR Newsletter 4-16-15


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