Boatman is passionate about her job as Children’s Director at #FBCEupora

cropped7L2A0074She hopes to plan activities children will not only enjoy but learn about how to have a relationship with Jesus.

Long-time First Baptist Church of Eupora member and children’s volunteer, Charla Smith Boatman, is loving her job as the part-time Children’s Director.

Rev. Travis Gray of FBC Eupora said the church is excited to have Boatman as the Children’s Minister.

“Charla has been involved with various areas of the church’s children’s ministries already,” Gray said. “She has been a valuable asset to step in and do what was needed to keep programs going. I look forward to working with her as she strives to train our children for the glory of the Lord. God has a way of providing what is needed when we stay out-of-the-way.”

“I do believe God has called me to take on this awesome responsibility of working with the children of our church,” Boatman said. “Because of the impact that church activities had on my life, I realize that FBC has the opportunity to impact the lives of many children who come to our church for various activities. “

Boatman began attending FBC Eupora when she was in kindergarten and she first trusted Jesus as her Savior when she was in the fourth grade.

“I knew at an early age that God loved me and wanted to save me from my sins,” Boatman said. “I remember fondly singing in the children’s choir, singing in the youth choir, attending GA’s, Acteens, Bible Drill and tons of youth activities.”

Boatman said she had great spiritual leadership from the late Bro. Bill Stewart, who was the pastor at FBC Eupora for many years, John Herring who was her youth minister growing up and countless other teachers and encouragers.

“As I reflect back on my youth it is very evident to me that each one of these church activities helped my faith in Christ to grow,” Boatman said. “It was through these experiences I learned to have a daily relationship with Christ. I had many leaders and Sunday School teachers encourage me to have a daily quiet time to read the Bible and pray. Many Bible verses I learned from Bible Drills are the ones I can still remember today. They have remained in my heart for years and I have been able to use them in my daily life.”

One of Boatman’s favorite verses that she learned in Bible Drills is Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” KJV.

“I have been able to take comfort in this verse numerous times in my life when things may not have gone the way I thought they should or the way I wanted them to,” Boatman said. “But I also have had the opportunity to see lots of good happen and know that God is working things out on my behalf every day. He has blessed me beyond measure and I am so grateful to know Him as my Savior.”

Since 2003, Boatman has led FBC Eupora’s Children’s Bible Drills. She is currently leading the preschool choir in Sunday School and leading G-Force on Sunday mornings.

“I pray for God’s leadership and hope that we can invite more children to come and be part of our church,” Boatman said.

Boatman is a graduate of Eupora High School, Wood College, and The University of Mississippi, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in court reporting. She is currently employed by the State of Mississippi working for the 5th Circuit Court District. Boatman works as a court reporter for Judge Joseph H. Loper, II and Judge Clarence E. Morgan, III.

“God has truly blessed me with a career that I love, great people I work with, and a schedule that allows me to participate in my children’s activities,” Boatman said.

Family has always played an important role in her life and continues to do so.

She is married to Dale Boatman, Jr. and they have been blessed with two children, Eliza, 8, and Tripp, 6. She is the daughter of Charlie and Jan Smith and Ronnie Wood and the late Kathy Salley Wood. She is the granddaughter of Mary Ann Smith and the late Charles Smith and the late Glenwood and Katherine Salley.

She has one sister, Julia Smith Woods and her in-laws are Marjory Boatman and the late Dale Boatman, Sr.

“I am so blessed to have grown up with many Christian examples to look up to,” Boatman said. “My parents always encouraged me to attend church and have a relationship with the Lord. My Mom made sure I was active in children and youth activities. When I was in high school my Dad would call almost every morning and pray with my sister and me over the phone. My grandparents took me to church when I was with them whether it be LaGrange Methodist Church with Mamaw and Papaw Smith or Mt. Vernon Baptist Church with Mamaw and Papaw Salley. Since Dale and I have been married, we have attended FBC Eupora and also frequently visited his home church of Soul’s Haven Church. I feel very lucky to have had such great Christian people support me and point me in the direction of Christ.”

To learn more about upcoming children’s ministry activities or more information about the Children’s Ministry at FBC Eupora, go to


See a portion of this story in the April 9, 2015 edition of the FBC Eupora newsletter at BR Newsletter 4-9-15



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