Swanson visits Columbus FUMC Easter Sunday

IMG_4442_2It was a powerful way to celebrate the risen Savior.

Mississippi Resident Bishop James Swanson served as the guest speaker at both the 8:45 and 11 a.m. services at First United Methodist Church of Columbus on Easter Sunday.

Dr. Embra Jackson, Starkville District Superintendent, said the text for the Bishop’s message was Luke 24:36-49 and the title of it was, “Too Good to Be True.”

“In his message, the Bishop reminded us that some of the first persons to see Jesus after he was resurrected were so awe-struck that they had a difficult time believing their
eyes,” Jackson said. “The bishop went on to compare these earlier followers of Jesus with us today. Sometimes in life we are so blessed that we have a difficult time believing how blessed we truly are. The Easter message reminds us that we are all blessed by the resurrection of Jesus.”

IMG_3030Rev. Tony Proctor of Columbus FUMC, said having the Bishop and Mrs. Swanson at Columbus First was truly a “Glory Sighting.”

“After both services, many persons gathered to meet the bishop and his wife, Delphine,” Proctor said. “I overheard many persons say how blessed they were by the bishop’s message. In addition, the Bishop’s presence seemed to bring an air of excitement and pride to the pastors and members of the church.”

Proctor said after the service, many people went to lunch with the Bishop and Mrs. Swanson, and the informal time together also seemed to be a blessing to everyone.

For more information about Bishop Swanson, go to http://www.mississippiumc.org.IMG_3033IMG_4450_2

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