Two Columbus churches kick off Holy Week in a special way

IMG_3498 It has become a tradition–First United Methodist Church of Columbus and St. James UMC of Columbus working together to make Holy Week special for the community.

Lee Burdine of Columbus FUMC said it is the fifth year the two churches have joined forces to create a special Palm Sunday event, that includes a community Easter Egg Hunt and picnic.

“We always enjoy working together with our friends at St. James,” Burdine said.

Rev. Brenda McCaskill of St. James UMC said “it pleases God when His people ‘work together in the unity of the faith.’”

“When God is pleased, I am pleased,” McCaskill said. “FUMC and St James working together in unity should serve as an example for other churches to follow. I am well pleased!”

Starkville District Superintendent Dr. Embra Jackson said it is great when churches work together for the betterment of their communities, and Columbus First and Columbus St. James have a tradition of working together for such a purpose.

“They began a joint Palm Sunday Easter Celebration some years ago,” Jackson said. “Columbus First is predominately white and St. James is predominately black, however, these outward differences in skin color have not prevented them from celebrating Easter and Palm Sunday together with the local community near St. James Church for several years.”

This year, the weather was a little cool, so they switched to a few inside activities and crafts requiring a few more volunteers.     A BIG THANK YOU to Lynn Davis and Ivy Harris for putting together the crafts and face painting and being general all around “Egg Hunt Fun Masters!”

Special thanks to Terry Priester, who cooked the chicken to perfection and Jacki kept busy behind the scenes with the serving and keeping some type of order with the many egg hunters.

“There were many St. James volunteers I missed, so to all of the volunteers: Thank you!” Burdine said.


See this story in the April 3, 2015 edition of The Starkville District Newsletter at 4-3-15 newsletter

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