Making Holy Week memorable

Holy-Week-2015-POSTWhat a wonderful time of the year! From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the church remembers the journey of Jesus from his entry in Jerusalem to his last meal, trial, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. These are the pivotal events for our faith. Much more than Christmas, this week deserves our attention at home and with the children in your life.

Look to the structure of Holy Week to guide your family activities. It’s especially helpful to plan for Friday and Saturday to be quiet, at-home days, with a few activities that reflect the scripture and the earth-shaking story being remembered on those days.  A few ideas:

  • Have a Seder meal Thursday night (Maundy Thursday) to remember the Last Supper.
  • Set out a decorated cross and a special Easter candle for the Easter season.
  • Enjoy a special Easter bread, preferably rich and egg-laden. Enjoy the eggs, candy, and other treats that were once avoided during Lent.
  • Attend an Easter Sunday service.
  • Have a special Easter dinner. Table decorations could include decorated eggs, a flowered cross, and just-blooming branches from the garden. Light a new candle. If it’s decorated for Easter, even better.
  • You can serve creamy lemon pie or light strawberry custard, strawberry pastry or let the kids decorate personalized tulip cookies. The menu options are endless but I suggest you keep the choices light and festive.
  • Adults can also enjoy an Easter garden party. Invite friends to bring perennials for their gardens to exchange with other plants. Provide each guest with labels, paper bags or plastic nursery containers. Let them take home the same amount of plants that they brought getting an affordable start on beautiful blooms.
  • Make hot cross buns for Good Friday.
  • On Good Friday, find resources to go through the stations of the cross as a prayer activity for the whole family.


This post was originally published as a Letter From The Editor in the  March 2008 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family at NMSCF March 2008 page 3

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