BRIDAL TIPS AND TRENDS: The Old Stone Station in Downtown Eupora

Bridal RegistryWanda Thomas at The Old Stone Station in Eupora said several recent local weddings have gone beyond the typical locations for the wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception.

“Instead of holding the ceremony in a church or chapel, many couples have leaned toward a more natural and/or rustic setting such as barn weddings, back yard weddings, or even beach weddings,” Thomas said. “Even creating an outside appearance using natural props such as trees, pine needles, twigs, and/ or cuttings of holly, Nandina, etc. have replaced arrangements of roses and calla lilies.”Bridal Selections

Thomas said replacing satin and silk with burlap fabric and lace have been a huge vintage-style trend for a few seasons now.

“Burlap is an inexpensive, natural fabric that fits well with a rustic theme such as with a barn wedding or outside wedding,” Thomas said. “It is primarily used for table runners and centerpiece decorations.”

Bridal registries in every community provides brides with options that best fit their personalities.

Distressed Candle Stands

Distressed candle stands are very popular gift items.

Miss Made Picture Frames

Mississippi-made photo frames.


As far as bridal gift selections, Thomas at The Stone Station in Eupora said local brides seem to favor more down to earth gift selections over fine china, crystal, sterling silver, and such gifts that their mothers or grandmothers may have selected.

“There is a definite trend toward pottery and more everyday china and glassware,” Thomas said. “And as the current decorating trends lean toward items along the rustic and distressed look, so goes the selection of home décor gifts for today’s brides.”

Good Earth Pottery

The Good Earth Pottery from Starkville.

Good Earth Everyday Dinnerware

The Good Earth Everyday Dinnerware from Starkville.


Thomas said Mississippi-made pottery such as Kudzu and The Good Earth, have been a natural complement to the antique furniture showcased at The Old Stone Station and her love for rustic décor. Kudzu pottery, made in Fulton, is a more abstract pottery with each individual piece being unique. Kudzu, especially the Shotgun pattern, has been a favorite by local brides-to-be. The Good Earth pottery, made in Starkville, offers a variety of designs and color combinations and has become not only popular locally, but in the entire South.

Kudzu Pottery & Rustic Decor 2

Kudzu Pottery from Fulton and rustic decor.

Kudzu Pottery & Rustic Decor

Kudzu Pottery from Fulton and rustic decor.

Kudzu Pottery Delta Blue

Kudzu Pottery from Fulton –Delta Blue is a popular pattern.

Kudzu Pottery Shotgun

Kudzu Pottery from Fulton — The Shotgun pattern is very popular.


Thomas has always loved antiques, and it has always been a dream of hers to open her own shop. It started years ago when her sister, Dorothy Swingle of Eupora, sold antique furniture.

“I’ve had an interest and hankering for buying and selling antique furniture myself,” Thomas said. “Attending antique auctions and getting caught up in the bidding gets into your bloodstream and creates an excitement that cannot be matched. The problem has been for me, however, I usually buy items that I love personally and find myself hating to part with them.”

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture at The Old Stone Station and The Gallery in downtown Eupora.

Upon retiring in June 2010 from a long teaching career, Thomas decided to follow through with that dream of moving back home to Webster County and owning a little antique shop. The Old Stone Station & Antique Gallery opened five months later in November 2010 and has turned out to be quite a bit more than just a little antique shop.

“The store, however, is an ongoing process of all the things I love,” Thomas said. “My husband Stephen is not as enthused over retail as I’d like for him to be, but he does seem to enjoy the auctions as well as attending the markets. I often wonder when am I ever really going to retire…and then…I just put it in the back of my mind as I’m too busy enjoying buying and selling all the things I love.”

For more information about The Old Stone Station, check them out of Facebook, on their website at http:// or give them a call at (662) 258-3983.

Wanda Thomas, Stone Station Owner

Wanda Thomas, owner of The Stone Station and The Gallery

The Old Stone Station The Gallery

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