Top 10 tips to plan NOW for Spring/Summer garden weddings

garden weddingPlanning is the key for beautiful spring and summer weddings in the garden.

Experts agree that timing a particular flower to bloom on the morning of June 14 will take more of a miracle than muscle, but steps taken now can guarantee a beautiful display of blooms just in time for wedding bells to ring. A few of Mississippi’s top experts share their favorite tips for creating a magical day in the garden this summer…

  1. Have a plan. Don’t plant haphazardly.
  2. Consult with your local garden center on plants that work well in your area.
  3. Get the lawn in good shape. Trim/replace trees and shrubs as needed.
  4. Mulching and bed preparation is very important
  5. Stay on top of things. Know when to plant to have blooms in the general time-frame of the event.
  6. Timing is important. You can not use pansies in August.
  7. Potted plants can add additional color and hide unsightly areas in the garden.
  8. Concentrate your flowers in focus areas, such as the alter and the reception tables.
  9. Don’t expect blooms on a specific date. Go for a general range of blooming time.
  10. Have a Plan B in the event of inclement weather.


These tips were part the story, Splendor in the Grass featured in the January/February 2006 edition of Mississippi Magazine. See it at Mississippi Magazine January 2006

Our experts for the 2006 story includes:

  • Betty Blanton, garden center manager for Live Oaks Landscapes in Natchez
  • Nick Thompson, owner of Madison Garden Center, Inc., of Madison
  • Hayden Petkovsek, groundskeeper for Dunleith, an antebellum home in Natchez
  • Tracy Proctor of Designs by Tracy in Tupelo
  • Larry Stewart of Monmouth in Natchez
  • Susan Smith, co-owner of Smith Landscaping and The Greenhouse in Columbus

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