Top posts/stories for JANUARY 2015

January has been an interesting month, and thank you all so much for reading the blog! If you haven’t subscribed, enter your email address at the right so you don’t miss a thing! These are the top three stories for the month of January…


  1. The top story for the month of January has been one posted just this week… read this month’s most popular post,  Bowls for the Soul fundraiser set for Feb. 28, at
  2. In second place is Collectors and vendors sought for the Starkville Farm Toy Show Feb. it at 1
  3. These girls have Haiti in their hearts was such as sweet story about three local college students giving up their Christmas holiday to share the love of Christ at an orphanage in Haiti…

So these were the TOP 3 blog posts/stories of JANUARY 2015…what were some of your favorites? Would you have chosen these stories? I would LOVE to hear what you think! Please post your favorites in the comments below!

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