#ThrowbackThursday Getting Creative with Lisa Whelchel

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story originally ran in the January 2007 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family because the actress and author was the guest speaker at a Women’s Conference in Grenada. I was looking for something else and came across this story I wanted to share…


Lisa Whelchel said it was never her goal to become famous, but to obey the Lord. But as a member of the New Mickey Mouse Club, one of the stars of the NBC series, The Facts of Life in the 1980s and an author of numerous parenting books, fame is part of what God has in store for Lisa Whelchel.

In the early 80s, we were introduced to Lisa Whelchel as the snobby, rich girl, Blair Warner on The Facts of Life. We learned to love and hate Blair and her stuck-up ways over the course of nine seasons on NBC.

Behind the scenes, Lisa was a Christian actress who loved the Lord and wanted to do His will. She came to know Christ as a 10-year-old who would go to church with a friend.

coffee cup hi res (2)“It has always been important to me to serve the Lord and share his love with others,” Whelchel said. “God has always been a priority in my life.”

Lisa had a major turning point in 1986, when she met Steve Cauble at a prayer group at her church. They became great friends and fell in love.

The Facts of Life ended in 1988 but God had an exciting adventure in store for Lisa, down a little different path.

The final episode of The Facts of Life aired in March 1988, and on July 9 of that year, she married Steve. Then, 10 months later, she gave birth to their son, Tucker. Haven arrived the very next year and Clancy followed right behind her. Lisa said her current job as a wife and mother is her greatest, and most challenging, role yet. She homeschools the children, who are now ages, 14, 15, and 16.

“I love every minute of being a wife e and mom,” Whelchel said. “But it does take some creativity.”

Having three children in three years can be difficult, and out of desperation, Lisa turned to God to inspire her to care and discipline her children beyond the usual spankings and time-outs. God helped her create ways to communicate and instruct her children in ways unique to their individual temperaments.

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Friends noticed the unique way she dealt with her children and encouraged her to write a book. “Creative Correction” was released in October 2000 to inspire Moms to correct their children without crushing their spirits. The book has sold over 170,000 copies and received a Gold Medallion Nomination in the Family and Parenting Category.

As her children grow, God has laid numerous books on her heart to write and has inspired her to create MomTime Ministries, MomTime Get-A-Ways and “Personal Mom Coaching.”

“I really want to help moms through the feelings of failure and frustration that comes with being ‘mommy,’” Whelchel said. “This is a way to help women build friendships with other women and have a little personal time to build those relationships. It is out of those relationships that you find those ‘gold nuggets’ for living.”

Lisa said she hopes her greatest accomplishment will be her children, but “they have to get past those teen years” before making that decision. For now, she feels getting through the “Hollywood thing” without ending up on one of those “where-are-they-now”-type shows is a pretty big accomplishment. And she said that accomplishment only comes from the grace of God.

See this story in the January 2007 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family at: NMSCF January 2007

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