Disciple Now Weekend set for Feb. 6-8 at FBC Eupora


Madison Hester said the Disciple NOW Weekend is “an amazing opportunity to worship God with others throughout the county.”

“It’s a weekend of tons of fun and a great learning experience,” Hester said. “You get the chance to spend time with other believers and to share with them what God’s doing in your life!”

The Webster County Disciple NOW Weekend (or known as D-NOW) is set for Feb. 6-8 at First Baptist Church of Eupora. Cost is $30, which will include a t-shirt and meals throughout the weekend. Students in grades 7-12 are encouraged to register for the event through their local church or by calling FBC Eupora at (662) 258-3491. The guest speaker for the weekend event will be Walt Barnes and the worship band will be Days & Nights. Events will begin Friday at 6 p.m., continue throughout the day Saturday, and ending after Sunday morning worship services.

download 2Churches throughout the county are invited to participate. Organizers for the event include Kevin Barnette of FBC Eupora, Ryan Spencer from Mantee Baptist Church,  Patrick Dalstra of First Baptist Church of Mathiston, Charlie Easley of Walthall Baptist Church, and Brannon Armstrong of Double Springs Baptist Church. These churches will be providing lodging and small group leadership for their youth groups attending the event. Other churches or individuals are invited to join existing or contact Kevin Barnette about lodging and small group leaders for your group by calling (662) 258-3491.

Kevin Barnette of FBC Eupora said youth leaders from Webster County churches have been busy organizing a meaningful weekend for students throughout the county.

“We are hoping that we can share with our students the importance of working together as the ‘Church’ to further the kingdom of God,” Barnette said. “So many times we tend to look at our own church and forget that we have a whole team of churches that are fighting the same battles we are.”

Barnette said the theme this year’s Webster County Disciple NOW Weekend is ONE — ONE body for ONE purpose to make ONE name known.

“We are all made one individually with Christ as believers,” Barnette said. “When that happens we are also made up into one body (which is the Church) working toward the same goal and that is to make one name (Jesus) known! I am hoping that the students that come will be able to hear God’s word and be moved to make more out of the life that God has given them. That they would be able to forget about themselves and to focus on the main goals of being a believer and that is to make disciples and live a life of Godliness. ”

Patrick Dalstra of First Baptist Church of Mathiston said he is looking forward to a great time for spiritual growth and being able to come together as a “body of believers.”

“It is a great opportunity for youth in the area to come together and fellowship as a body of believers,” Dalstra said. “There will be missional opportunities as well as recreational opportunities for youth throughout Webster County to come together and work for God’s purposes.”

For more information or to volunteer to help, contact Barnette at FBC Eupora at (662) 258-3491.


See this story in the January 21, 2015 edition of The Webster Progress Times at http://websterprogresstimes.com/2015/01/21/disciple-now-weekend-set-for-feb-6-8-at-fbc-eupora/

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