10 Things that make Christmas special in Mississippi…


2014-12-16 13.43.15In a completely unscientific poll, I asked Facebook friends to share what makes Christmas special and unique in Mississippi…and here are the top answers… (#10 is all me & Pepper!)

1. Decorating with Magnolia leaves.

2. Boats floating down the TennTom Waterway decorated with Christmas lights.

3. Mississippi State and Ole Miss ornaments on the Christmas tree.

4. The Wassail Walk in Columbus.

5. The smell of cedar.

6. Using cotton bolls to decorate Christmas wreaths and trees.

7. Christmas in Canton.

8. Driving to see the lights in Woodland.

9. Floats on Deer Creek in Leland.

10. Hearing “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley on the radio to officially kick off the season.


What makes a Mississippi Christmas unique to you and your family?

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