The Equivalent of a Tinkerbell Costume!

Gerogia at christmas 2004

I think this was in 2004…I can’t find the photo of her with the Tinkerbell costume on over these pjs…but it was too precious.

As usual, I am in denial about Christmas. I realize that it is on December 25 every year and they don’t change it up. But here we are once again, just days away from Christmas Day. In my pursuit to have a meaningful, fun-filled holiday, I always procrastinate about shopping. I’m not a big shopper anyway, and it is worse at Christmas. I do love finding things that will excite and delight – and that’s not always an easy present to buy. I love the look on the faces of my nieces and nephews when we find that “just right” gift. It is also a lot of fun to help Pepper give those kinds of gifts. He takes so much joy in giving something special, whether or not it’s expensive doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the little things that make someone’s day.

georgia's drawing

The blue bean is supposed to be the baby Jesus lying in a manger…sweet little drawing I have kept over the years…

It also makes me think about all the wonderful things God wants to give us as His children. Since He knows us so well, He knows the little things that make every day special. He knows what will delight our hearts and make us squeal like a five-year-old girl getting a Tinkerbell costume with wings! (That particular Christmas was many years ago, but Georgia had to put the costume on over her pajamas! That’s the kinda good I’m talkin’ about!) I wonder how many times I have been given the equivalent of a Tinkerbell costume from God – He knew I would just love it– and I treated it like a gift of plain white socks under the tree.

We are His kids and He wants to delight us, just like we want to delight the children in our lives at Christmas time. As God’s kids, we need to start expecting the equivalent of the Tinkerbell costume! It’s coming. You just have to believe that God is good and He wants to do good things for His kids. The cool thing is, Christmas is the perfect time to remember that God has good things in store, and you are NEVER too old to be God’s kid! So if that’s hard to remember this Christmas, go find someone under 10 years old to delight this Christmas. It doesn’t take a lot of money, just a little time find something that’s “just right.” And remember the look on their faces. That’s the look God wants to see on your face when He gives you something good.

And don’t you love it when someone tells you a year later that they are still using/loving a gift you gave them? God loves it too. Thank Him today.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I was looking for something else and came across this Letter to the Editor from the December 2008 edition of North Mississippi Christian Family at: NMSCF December 2008.

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