Early voters in Bellefontaine — Don’t forget to vote today!

2014-11-04 07.43.15
Poll worker Sybil Whitt helping Bobby Middleton with the voting machine at the Bellefontaine precinct.
See this photo in the November 12, 2014 edition of The Webster Progress Times at http://websterprogresstimes.com/2014/11/13/cochran-nunnelee-carry-county/

2014-11-04 07.52.10
Poll worker Sybil Whitt informing voters Ken Knight and Mitch Sisson about the Statewide Initiative Measure No. 1 –  House Concurrent Resolution 30 at the Bellefontaine precinct.
2014-11-04 07.47.10
Sybil Whitt and Margie Pepper serving as poll workers at the Bellefontaine precinct for Tuesday’s election. Not Pictured: Sandra Sisson.

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