Love brought her to Eupora

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It was love that brought her to Eupora and it is love that has kept her here for 74 years.

June Shaw was completing coursework for a business teaching degree at Mississippi State University, but there was one class she needed to complete her degree that was not available at MSU. She traveled to Delta State University for the one class she needed to complete her coursework, and it was there that she met Russell Shaw.

“We knew when we met we would marry,” June Shaw said. “We both had a very positive reaction to one another.”

She soon married Russell Shaw, moved to Eupora and became a member of Eupora’s First Baptist Church in 1942. She just celebrated her 95th birthday on August 9. Her husband was the Webster County Tax Assessor for many years. Mrs. June worked as the librarian and as a business office teacher for the Webster County Public School District for 29 years and former students say they will never forget “Mrs. Shaw.”

Dorothy Pepper said Mrs. Shaw taught her typing and secretarial office practice in high school.

“In typing class, she had us to type a booklet about manners and etiquette as one of our special assignments,” Pepper said. “I still have the booklet and have referred to it many times in the 60 years since she assigned the project. She exemplifies the ideal Christian, Southern lady in everything she does!”

Larry Crenshaw said Mrs. Shaw taught him typing either in 1950 or 1951.

“I still have a little manual Royal portable typewriter that I purchased from her,” Crenshaw said. “I enjoyed her class but was never a speed typist. I did manage to get enough words a minute to pass. She was a patient, caring and dedicated teacher helping many students through many years.”

In 1942, she also joined First Baptist Church, where she is the oldest member. She worked as the Primary Sunday School teacher for 40 years. She sang in the choir and served as the church librarian and secretary. She currently attends the TEL/Fidelis Matrons Sunday School class because “after all those years of teaching children, she wanted to be a student herself!”

“Mrs. June Shaw is a face that you know you will see whenever the church doors are open,” said Rev. Travis Gray, pastor of First Baptist Church of Eupora. “Her heart offers encouragements every time you see her. She has been faithful to her Lord and to her church for many years. We all have a good example to follow in her dedicated service. It is a joy to be her pastor.”

“I love my church,” Mrs. June said. “I love all of it. We have always had excellent pastors and wonderful teachers as far as I was concerned.”

During her membership at FBC Eupora, the church has had three pastors, and a lot has changed.

“I changed with it I guess,” Mrs. June said.

When she first began coming to FBC Eupora, the building was where CB&S Bank is currently located. Shaw said while they were building at the current location, Sunday School classes were held at the school. Mrs. June worked as the church secretary and would use an old mimeograph machine at the school to print the bulletins and newsletters for the church.

Mrs. June said living in Eupora and being part of this community over the years has been a joy. FBC Eupora has been a big part of that experience for Mrs. June and her family. She said she is blessed to still be able to attend church with her sons, Charlie Shaw and Turner Shaw.

She has so many wonderful memories of living and working in this community, but it all goes back to love — the love of a God and family.


See this story in the 2014 edition of At Home In Webster County magazine.



2 thoughts on “Love brought her to Eupora

  1. I remember when Ms Shaw was the high school librarian, she helped so many. She also started a library club, which I was a proud member of.

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