WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: Small is a big deal in Mantee

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A big part of the charm of the town of Mantee is it’s small size.

“We are in the best possible location,” said Mantee Mayor Mary Frances Baker. “We are 15 minutes from a Wal-mart, a drug store and groceries. The people who live here love that it is quiet and quaint and convenient.”

There are only a handful of businesses in the town of Mantee, including a few of the basics — a bank, the post office and a convenience store. But residents love the close-knit community centered around the church and school.

“The security we feel in our hometown is important to us,” Baker said. “Our community is interested in one another and support one another. We go to church together and many residents are teachers or retired teachers. The school system plays an important role in the life of our community.”

Former East Webster school teacher, Buddy Pepper, loves the town and the fishing!

“I love Mantee because of the quiet, peaceful, security of the village,” Pepper said. “Neighbors are always there when you need them.”

His wife, Debbie agrees, but also loves the beauty and charms of the small country town.

“I love living on the lake in Mantee,” Debbie Pepper said. “I sit on my screened porch in the morning and listen to the neighborhood and nature wake up. It’s such a peaceful place. But my most favorite thing about living on the lake in Mantee is the humming birds that visit each year. They are absolutely stunning.”

Baker said visitors comment on the cleanliness and the “Mayberry” feel of the community.

Baker said cleaning up the community was a big part of what she wants to accomplish during her time as mayor. Mantee has also been able to secure several grants to help improve their community and accomplish those goals.

“We want to be able to keep the appearance of the town pleasing to the residents and visitors, while continuing to improve our police force and do other things to improve the quality of life for the residents of Mantee.


See this story in the 2014 edition of At Home In Webster County magazine at Mantee.

3 thoughts on “WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: Small is a big deal in Mantee

  1. I don’t have Facebook. I know Coach Pepper from Cumberland School. Learned recently he was a preacher. Always admired him. Good man. Talked to Aunt Willene today about you. God is good.

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