FBC Eupora revival set for Oct. 12-15

stopped-praying-for-revivalRevival is for “everybody who needs it,” said Rev. Travis Gray of First Baptist Church of Eupora.
“Revival gives the lost person an opportunity to be saved and it provides the saved person with an opportunity to remember their first love,” Gray said. “I would like to invite everyone to come with an expectant heart for God to do something in our hearts. May our prayer be for God to send revival and let it begin in me. Don’t miss an opportunity for something amazing to happen in your life.”
Revival services will begin with the morning worship services on Sunday, Oct. 12. The church will have a potluck lunch in the Family Life Center after the services. On Sunday evening, revival services will be at 6 p.m. and Monday through Wednesday, revival services will begin at 7 p.m. The guest speaker for this year’s revival be Dr. Allen Simpson, pastor of First Baptist Church of Amory and a native of Eupora. FBC Eupora’s Minister of Music, Bro. John Herring, will be leading the music with the help of the choir and musicians.
Dr. Simpson said he has a burden for a revival of the heart and spirit toward God.
“I don’t want the revival services to be an end, but rather a means for us to prepare for God to send revival,” Simpson said. “I truly believe we have to be prepared for God to entrust us with revival whenever He so chooses to send it. That preparation comes through prayer, surrender and transformation.”
Simpson grew up at FBC Eupora and has many family members still in attendance.
“Many of the people who have shaped my life from a little kid to an adult are at FBC Eupora,” Simpson said. “And, of course, Bro. Bill Stewart had a tremendous influence on my personal life and the way I do ministry. I feel blessed to call FBC and Eupora home.”
While he has spoken at FBC Eupora on a few occasions, this will be the first time he has preached a revival service at FBC
“There will be a lot of familiar faces as I see people who taught me and grew up with me and know me,” Simpson said. “Hopefully, they will have forgotten a few things. But I’m excited to be coming. I’m very appreciative of the invitation from Bro. Travis. And I’m looking forward to working with John Herring.”
Many will also remember Simpson as the former pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Bellefontaine.
Bro. John Herring, new music minister at FBC Eupora, will be leading worship for this year’s revival services, along with the FBC Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra.
“It will be an exciting time of praise and worship,” Herring said. “We are excited about what the Lord is going to do!”
Also assisting with the music will be Waylon Mills, of Bush, La. Herring said Mills is a very talented and gifted musician who has been attending the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
For more information about FBC Eupora, go to http://www.fbceupora.com.


A portion of this story can be found in the FBC Eupora newsletter at: BR Newsletter 10-9-14

See this story in the October 8, 2014 edition of The Webster Progress Times at http://websterprogresstimes.com/2014/10/09/fbc-eupora-revival-set-for-oct-12-15/

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