WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: Walthall is a small town with a big heart

2014-09-18 07.46.45

On a recent Friday afternoon, Walthall Baptist Church hosted a chicken dinner benefit for Tabatha Stewart. The entire community stopped by to eat or picked up a plate to take home and filled up the donation box to help one of their own.
Walthall Mayor Belinda Stewart said it is the “caring and giving nature of the folks who live there” that she loves so much about her hometown.
Walthall resident Lindsey McCluskey said it is “a small place with a BIG sense of community!”
Glendolyn Crowell said she loves the hometown, community spirit, family-oriented atmosphere.
“Walthall is filled with a great group of special people who love one another and love the community,” said Glendolyn Crowell, Walthall resident.
Sheryl Pepper said she loves “the country living and how I know my neighbor would be there in a minute if we need them.”
“It is kinda like a small family,” Pepper said. “I love it when I can walk out on my porch and the stars light the night, not street lights. Walthall may be a small community but it’s a caring community. When Robert was in Iraq, I had neighbors stop by and ask if there was anything they could help me with. And I knew they really wanted to help.”
One of the unique features of the Village of Walthall — it is home to the smallest county seat in the state of Mississippi.
“I have never lived in a community where it was the County Seat, which may sound silly, but that can be sort of exciting to tell,” Pepper said.
Due to the fire that destroyed most of the historic County Courthouse, the rehabilitated historic Jail (behind the courthouse) is now being used as the “Village Hall.”
Mayor Belinda Stewart said she hopes to see sidewalks or a walking trail developed in Walthall, providing a safe place for residents to walk and children to ride bikes.


See this story in the 2014 edition of At Home In Webster County magazine at Walthall.

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