WEBSTER COUNTY SERIES: People make Eupora a great place to live

1381544_424284821011374_1569944812_nEupora Mayor Dan Burchfield says the Eupora community is like a large extended family.

“What is easy to Love about Eupora has always been her people,” Burchfield said. “This is home.  I have lived here, worked here, raised my family here, and the people make the community.  There are so many people here I care deeply for and would try my best to help whenever asked.  It is like a large extended family here in our little community. Nowhere else is home. Nowhere else radiates the love and security for me that Eupora does.”

Cathy Embry agrees it is the people that make Eupora special.
“Eupora is a wonderful place to live and raise a family,” Embry said.
Reba Thompson said she loves living in Eupora because of the friendly helpful families!
“There’s always a smile and cheerful word everywhere you go here,” Thompson said.
Burchfield said in addition to the people, the town of Eupora features a lot of “architectural gems,” including:
· The Post Office and Eupora High School are rare examples of Depression Era Art Deco buildings. 
· The Community House was a WPA project built with local quarried sand stone.  “The only building in the area having such,” according to Burchfield.
· The Depot has been restored to show what such a railroad depot looked like at the turn of the 20th century. 
· The Central Service Grill and the Temporary Courthouse are both examples of modernistic styles of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. 
“While Architecture is obvious in our community, the BLY community center is thriving and is a center of arts in our region,” Burchfield said. “From plays (both dramas and musicals), to concerts showcasing local talent, to showings of local artists; the BLY gives something for everyone. The children have loved the summer movie showings in the Art Park!”
And from a recreational standpoint, Burchfield said no other city in Mississippi has a municipal owned lake for the use by its citizens. 
“Our White’s Creek Lake is a 288-acre standing pool built and designed for an emergency/alternative water source and recreational area serving people in a multi-county region,” Burchfield said. “From fishing, boating, skiing, (even para-sailing!) to being able to enjoy one of the best bird watching locations in Mississippi; our lake provides innumerable opportunities for recreation, pleasure and economic development.”
As mayor, Burchfield said economic development along the lines of job creation and business establishment is the top priority for the city of Eupora. 
“I hope with all my heart that Eupora can find its ‘niche’ for the future in order to grow and prosper,” Burchfield said. “I am so thankful for our private employers like North Mississippi Medical, Plymouth Tube and Ansell-Hawkeye for offering large employment opportunities. Our schools truly bless us with their hard work.  Eupora has one of the best High Schools in the nation as seen by the Mississippi Department of Education and U.S. News and World Report. Whether we are able to attract some of the major industry we have lost since 1999, or whether we find ourselves becoming a bedroom community attracting young families who are commuting or tele-commuting; I long to see Eupora as a place young families want to move into.”
Burchfield hopes to see one or two mid-size industries locate locally, see a renaissance of home building and of remolding of older homes in the community, with his sights on having Eupora listed as one of the top 10 small towns to live in Mississippi in the future.
See this story in the 2014 edition of At Home In Webster County magazine at Eupora.

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