Psychedelic Cake

What a fun way to celebrate a birthday!! And this is a cake with all the drama of a good celebration! I’ve had so many requests for the recipe…


We start with the basics, but “tweek” it! You need a white cake mix, five large eggs (instead of three like it says on the box), a stick of butter or margarine (instead of oil like it says on the box), a cup of milk (instead of water like it says on the box) and about 2 tablespoons of vanilla (not even on the box). Incorporate all ingredients and separate batter into four bowls.


I use the Neons food coloring by McCormick and create four colors of batter. I use shortening to grease the cake pans, then lightly flour.


Pour the four batters into the cake pans. I preheat the oven at 350 degrees but turn it down to 325 degrees when I put the cake pans in. I also put a oven- safe bowl of water in the oven with every cake I make– I don’t know if it helps the moisture of the cake, but it can’t hurt! I cook it for 25-30 minutes until the layers pass “the toothpick test!”

There is no photographic evidence of the horrible time I had icing this cake. Let’s just say, it was hard to catch at times! But it all turned out okay!


The icing was the basic buttercream frosting recipe– a box of confectioner’s sugar, a little milk, a teaspoon of vanilla and a stick of butter (you’ve got to use real butter, otherwise the frosting color is a little more yellow than white– not good!!!)
Loved the little happy birthday toothpicks I found at the grocery store!!!


LOVE slicing this cake — everyone thinks they are getting a plain white cake!


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