Ann May and Greg May enjoy musical bond at Pine Forest Baptist Church

DSC_0062xTheir talents and leadership have made worshiping at Pine Forest Baptist Church an experience for decades.

The mother/son team of Ann May and Greg May, have dedicates much time and energy into their music ministry, which has been a special musical experience for Pine Forest Baptist Church in Stewart.

Ann May began playing the piano at Pine Forest Baptist Church in 1969. She played at the church in two revivals prior to serving as the pianist. She met her husband, Benny May, at one of those revivals. He convinced her to marry him and since then, the church has benefited from her outstanding talent.

Her son, Greg, has always loved to sing. As a staff member at WLZA 96.1 FM, Greg’s passion for music has become a career. Greg was barely out of high school when he took on the role of music minister at Pine Forest Baptist Church in 1989. He follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Howard Pyron, who led the singing at the church for many years.

“Ann and Greg are our friends and fellow laborers in kingdom work, having served for over 20 years,” said former pastor, Rev. Johnny Walker, pastor at Pine Forest Baptist Church. “Their faithfulness is unquestioned, their kindness is uncommon, their servanthood is unquenchable and their love is unspeakable.”
Piano has always been a part of Ann’s life. She took piano lessons while going to school in Grenada from the 3rd through 8th grades. Her teacher was Mrs. Nickels. It was her mother, Wilma Pyron, who wanted Ann to play.

“I really didn’t want to in the beginning,” Ann said. “Growing up in church made me want to learn to play hymns and that’s all I play except every once in a while when I break out playing Jerry Lee Lewis’ Whole Lotta Shaking Going On.”

Tillie Davis, former pastor’s wife at Pine Forest Baptist Church, said it is their dedication and talent that make Ann and Greg stand out.

“I’ve known Benny and Ann May and their family for many years, and Ann and Greg are two of the most dedicated musicians I’ve known,” Davis said. “They have always been eager to work with others to provide a warm, loving environment for worship in God’s house. There is no doubt that Greg will be singing and Ann will be playing the piano in heaven one day, using the talent’s God gave them!”

Members of Pine Forest Baptist Church said:

  • “They are the backbone of the church.” – Christine May
  • “Christ loving, people loving, dedicated servants. Mark 10:44: ‘The greatest in the kingdom is a servant of all.’” – Monica May
  • “‘At your service Lord’ is their lifestyle. (Ann and Greg) are living their lives dedicated to being keepers of their church–serving humbly, but with influence that impacts all of us. We are proud to call them our friends.” – Jerald & Betty Woods
  • “I’ve grown to appreciate how open Greg is to new hymns. It’s been wonderful to work with them both in the service of our Lord and Savior.” – Jodi May
  • “When I think of Ann and Greg’s ministry at our church, I am reminded of their faithfulness to doing the Lord’s work. No job is ever too big or too small. Everything they do is done with a smile on their face. They never consider it an inconvenience when asked to do something and will always go above and beyond in whatever they do. Ann and Greg are two of the most talented people I know, and we are truly blessed to have them as members of our church AND, I might add, as members of our family!!” – Kenny and Janice May
  • “We have lived in a lot of different places and have had a lot of good friends, but Ann and Benny and their family are at the top of our list. We love them just like family. Through good times and bad, they have always portrayed strong Christian values. The Pine Forest Church family would certainly not be here today without their help. Their hard work and dedication to lead the singing and play the piano all of these years, without pay and without that expectation. They have always been willing to do it. They are just great people.” – Tom & Brenda Hamby

Special Thanks… To Randy & Beth May, Laura Beth, Kristen & Ashley…

Musician’s Appreciation program


2 thoughts on “Ann May and Greg May enjoy musical bond at Pine Forest Baptist Church

  1. I enjoyed this event for these 2 special people who have influenced those who know them. What an example for us all.

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