Goal is $35,000 for Winston County’s Relay for Life

387f38ab0b004677a79e4d900a417f0eWith just a few days left before Winston County’s Relay for Life event, there’s still time to help teams make their goal of $35,000 for The American Cancer Society.

“Last year we raised $ 31,763 and as of this date we are behind by about $5,000 from the same time last year,” said Laura McKee, Relay for Life specialist for the Mid-South Division of the American Cancer Society. “Hopefully, we will make that up on Bank night and the night of the event. Winston County teams have a wonderful night planned lots of different activities and some great food.”

This year’s event is set for May 2, 2014 at the Louisville High School football field. This year’s theme will be “Winston County Does Not Toy with Cancer.”

“I think this is a great year for Relay,” said Brandi Krajewski, chairperson for the 2014 Winston County Relay for Life. “I hope that families understand that this is a great night of entertainment for our community. It is a great opportunity for families to have an outing. It also teaches our youth, our future generations, about giving back and working in the community to make it a better place.”

Krajewski encourages families to bring a folding chair and come and sit on the field and watch the performers, watch the walkers and show support of the event.

“Relay is such a great time for families to enjoy,” Krajewski said. “I invite everyone in our community who wants to make a difference to come and support this event. I enjoy Relay for Life because I know that it is a way that our community joins together for one purpose and one goal….to fight for a cure!”

The event
Krajewski said the night will be filled with family-friendly entertainment —  there will be Zumba dancers, singers, and more.

The field will be decorated with toy-themed campsites. Several fundraisers will be going on the night of the event, including The Way Community Church selling funnel cakes; Fair Elementary selling snowcones; Evergreen Baptist Church selling BBQ sandwiches and ice cream; Winston Medical Center selling cotton candy and sweets; Serve pro selling water toys; and Fresh Market Grill selling baked potatoes.


The Winston County Relay for Life event has 14 teams this year, including several new teams that have joined this year.

“Bancorp South is the only bank we have active in Relay this year and they have done a super job,” Krajewski said. “We were excited to have them join us. Servpro is also a new team. Louisville Medical Associates have joined us again this year. They always do a fabulous job so we were happy to have them back. Fresh Market Grill has joined us and are doing a great job!”

Krajewski said Evergreen Baptist Church is “really out there working hard to raise money.  They have had several great fundraisers.”  Nania Wayia School is “doing a super job. They have raised a ton of money in a short time!  I am super proud of them.”  The Way Community Church is always a huge supporter of Relay and they are well on their way in this year’s efforts.  Winston Medical Center is finishing with their Disney Dining and a possibly one last bake sale.  Louisville Medical Associates and Louisville Schools will have t-shirts for sell as part of the continued fundraising efforts.

Luminaries and Sky Lanterns

One of the special moments of each Relay for Life is the luminaria and sky lantern event. “People enjoy seeing the luminaries lit across the field and the word HOPE spelled out,” Krajewski said. “It is just a moment for those who  have battled cancer, beat cancer or whose family is still grieving the loss of a loved one to purchase a light in honor or memory of their loved one.”

Krajewski said she enjoys walking the field and reading the names of those from the community who have passed on and those who are still with us battling cancer.

“Each person is special to someone and to our community,” Krajewski said. “The luminary time is a time of healing a time of remembering and a time of praises!  It is just a special part of the evening that affects each person differently.”

Luminaries are $15. If individuals wish to honor or remember a person by purchasing a luminary all they have to do is stop by Penny’s from Heaven.  They can purchase them there until the night of the event.  There will also be an opportunity the night of the event at the luminary tent to purchase up until time to start the service that night.

The Winston County Relay for Life will also be selling the sky lanterns for $25. They are lanterns that will be lit and sent into the sky at the event.

“It is beautiful and such a special part of the night,” Krajewski said. “They have been a huge hit the past few years.  If people have not seen the sky lanterns, it is an amazing time for our community.”

Sky lanterns will be released at 10 p.m. May 2.

All funds raised by the Relay for Life teams go to the American Cancer Society to help with research for a cure for cancer, services to cancer patients, and awareness for cancer prevention.

To become part of this year’s Relay for Life event, contact Krajewski at (662) 803-9026.



See this article in the April 23, 2014 edition of The Winston County Journal at http://winstoncountyjournal.com/?p=8280









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