Come see a ‘slice of Montgomery County life’ in THE HOME FRONT

1962852_647285771974947_2120647121_nLearn more about the history of Montgomery County and have a good laugh along the way in the 12th production of Hill Fire.

The Home Front” will run April 11-13 at the Montgomery County Performing Arts Center in downtown Winona. Evening shows will begin at 7 p.m. and matinees will be a 2 p.m. For ticket information, call (662) 310-0199.

“The Home Front, Hill Fire’s 12th play, is a story set during World War II and depicts life on the home front during that time. The plot centers around an army Sergeant who works at a POW camp in Mississippi. Sergeant Purvis Shephard rents a room from Mary and her husband, Billy, in a small community nearby the camp. Mary and Billy have two young children, Bob and Liddy. They, along with Bob’s closest friend Charlie, seem to be unscathed by the war as they go about their everyday lives. But are they really? At the camp, Sergeant Shephard and some of the nurses befriend a couple of German POWs and attempt to make their stay in America a little more interesting. In the town, the local shoeshine man, John Henry, and a teacher, Katie, try to persuade Charlie to continue his education. All the while, the Sergeant worries about the safety of this brother who is fighting on the front lines overseas and wonders if he will ever see him again.”

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